At Mason O Miner DDS LLC, we believe that a perfect smile does not just stop with oral corrections. If you're looking for the complete package and making your smile picture-perfect, then you should think about the facial aesthetic treatments that Dr. Miner offers at his practice. These options should be taken into consideration for the simple fact that your teeth are surrounded by your lips and your cheeks and other facial features, and once these go through a dramatic change or overall aging you would want to make sure that your outer appearance matches the look of your new and improved smile. Luckily, Dr. Miner is a highly trained professional and is here for all your cosmetic oral and facial needs.


What is the Sculptra® treatment


An underlying cause of facial aging is the loss of collagen within your face, the Sculptra® aesthetic treatment is an FDA approved injectable that helps replace that lost collagen. Results of the Sculptra® treatment can last more than 2 years, correcting deep facial wrinkles and folds that you have accumulated over time. This treatment is especially important to older patients since your body slows collagen production within your mid-to-late twenties and by your 40s 20% of your total collagen is lost, the Sculptra® treatment is a great way to reverse that statistic.


The Kybella® approach


Dr. Miner also offers the Kybella® treatment this is a prescription medication used to improve the appearance of severe fat that has developed underneath your chin this is sometimes called a double chin.


Botox at the dentist 


Botox is another form of facial aesthetic treatment that Dr. Miner offers and is used to help correct a number of things. One of which is treating the musculature around a patient's mouth and within the facial region. Botox can be used to correct chronic headaches and migraines facial pain and masseter hypertrophy. All of which can cause problems to your oral and facial aesthetics.


More information

Please contact the offices of Mason O. Miner DDS, LLC located in Durango, CO to schedule an appointment to learn more about our other facial aesthetic treatments.